Monday, January 3, 2011

eric burdon

Eric Burdon was lead vocalist for The Animals-- a foundational band in the "British Invasion." Burdon (and the Animals) seem like the typical brit-pop outfit: classy mod dress, mop-ish hair, pointy shoes... but Burdon's deep, powerful vocals deviates from the usual light and airy voice of The Beatles and The Dave Clark Five.

I find him strangely sexy, in his rough and tumble manner and bad-boy-esque demeanor. Th suit doesn't suit him, he's been in street fights, he smokes unfiltered, and drinks his whiskey straight-up. Perhaps it's because of his guttural, growling voice... but Eric Burdon seemed a little out of place in the Brit Invasion scene.

The early videos of Burdon and the Animals betray this, I think-- the songs have basis in American soul and blues... tinged with British sensibilities of love and romance... and yet... mounts of women's heads on hunting lodge walls, sprawled mauled women in chaise lounges surrounded by fog and smashed tv sets reveals a slightly bent demeanor...

We Gotta Get Out of This Place-- one of my favorite tunes, especially because it's often a theme-song of mine.

It's My LIfe

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (live at Wembley)-- what i always consider to be the anthem of the 20th century man.

Later, Burdon went solo for a bit... performing without The Animals... here, his soul influences are apparent-- the boy can WAIL.

Hold On I'm Commin'

In the early 70s Burdon joined the jam-band "War" and started experimenting with more psychedelic sounds.

I remember this video as a kid, my dad being a big fan of Eric Burdon and War.. and we'd have endless conversations over what, exactly, the song meant.... who knows, but there is a jam-flute, and bongos...

Spill the Wine

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